Depression and Suicide

Most suicides are linked to some form of psychiatric illness, particularly depression, and the more severe the depression, the greater the risk. Still, most people with major depression do not die by their own hand. Studies show that about 5 percent of depressed persons may have thoughts about suicide—suicidal ideation. Only a small percentage of […]

The Self Care Act

Interesting times indeed. Self-care has often been associated with going for icecream dates, scheduling a spa day, going to your dream vacation and eating what you have always longed to eat. What happens when doing all these things is suddenly almost illegal? Does self-care lose its meaning just because you can’t enjoy what you used […]

Every Fear And Failure has a Purpose!!

You know many are the times we blame ourselves for the mistakes we make. Many are made because of the delusion and hatred within ourselves. We often tend to do things in a rush, with no second thoughts or what might happen next. But have you ever thought of all the mistakes you’ve made? But […]

4 Habits You Need for Better Mental Health

Took me a while to write this article, tried to make sure that what I would publish would be as important and essential to everyone as mental health, self improvement and good habits are. Mental health is a frequently misunderstood topic: Many people believe that mental health is predetermined — that you are essentially at […]

Finding A Balance

It’s important in life to find a good balance that works for you between caring for yourself and achieving your goals.

No Reason To be Depressed

You may be right at the start of your journey with depression, or years into it desperately trying to find “the answer” and a way out.