Every Fear And Failure has a Purpose!!

You know many are the times we blame ourselves for the mistakes we make. Many are made because of the delusion and hatred within ourselves. We often tend to do things in a rush, with no second thoughts or what might happen next.

But have you ever thought of all the mistakes you’ve made? But before moon, you will realize every pain was worth it. I don’t want you to worry about what life might offer because there’s always an orb above us observing our every move.

Of course, it’s okay to have dreams but don’t let them tend into pieces because then you won’t have a purpose. In life we live to refulgent all our flaws and scars that’s why you have today,this moment and the morrow so that you can decide what you want.

Many are the people that want to control us too,to continue telling us, ”Don’t do this you won’t make it.This can only be done by a man or a woman.That’s not for you.” Why do you keep on listening to such voices? To voices of failure and disgrace. Why are you so repine with your own life?

I tell you today,I have learnt from failure. It slates me and I became so star crossed by the term failure. I learnt that for a moment I can be sad about it or move on from it. You can shy from them,unman yourself from them but it’s still not a solution.

A youngling never has to worry about anything.He or she is Fed. A youngling tries as many times possible to stand but falls over and over again before even their first step.That’s the kind of good I want you to have. I want you to be like wax because it becomes stronger every second left. Don’t despise yourself because of failure.I want you to be a wondrous soul. A soul that fights to keep its dream at work and on feet.

Lilian Ng’endo.

Lilian Leticia
Lilian Leticia
I am a rare soul because when I describe myself I forget who I am. I find beauty in everything and in all books I have read. Writing evolves around my own world. I am outspoken and I am never afraid to say what’s on my mind.

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