The Fishermen

Omi-Ala was a dreadful river. Long forsaken by the inhabitants of Akure town like a mother abandoned by her children.… It surrounded Akure like ans

Radiance of Tomorrow: A Novel

After the civil war, Imperi, a small Sierra Leonean town, tries to rebuild the life it used to have. Three characters, Kadie, Moiwa and Kainesi,

The Shadow King

Today I’m looking at Maaza Mengiste’s The Shadow King, a historical fiction account of the Italian invasion of Ethiopia just prior to the start of WWII. In

A Grain of Wheat

“Yes—to be great you must stand in such a place that you can dispense pain and death to others without anyone asking questions. Like a

Book Review Of 1984

But I can tell you something I took away from this book. I learned that we can not let governments take control of our actions mentally, as they did in 1984



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