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My Pick-Cjart

There are a few cases where our very culture points us in the wrong direction –
it takes a special kind of bravery to turn the other way.
Watch what happens when people triumph over ignorance.⁰

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What People Say about FABP...
I get to read these amazing articles which I actually can relate to my life as at Now. They have been helpful and relaxing too, they keep me going.
Fellout Afrikana makes me feel like someone else out there gets me.
It’s nice to know there’s a place on the web where I can write about my breakup in an honest way and people will actually care.​

Frequently Asked Questions.

Fellout Afrikana a brand and product of Fellout Afrikana & Company.

1-Fellout Shop is an online store providing unique products handmade and designed for you.

We know a thing or two about fashion. That’s because we keep making high quality, comfy and stylish products, all right here in Kenya.

Those decades of hours of dedication leading to experience and expertise, mean that we’re proud to bring you a range that is of unbeatable quality, and service that’s second to none. This is the paradise of style – Cjart Goods.

2-Fellout Afrikana Blog & Press [FABP] is an online magazine with over 10 Thousand monthly readers.

We are a Community aimed at Educating, Entertaining, Supporting and Empowering the Youth on Health, Self Improvement and Financial Literacy.

FABP serves as a platform for emerging and seasoned writers to voice their thoughts and to flourish creatively. FABP was founded in 2019, and its original mission still stands today: to educate, entertain the public and to empower creative people by helping them realize their artistic visions on their own terms.

Fellout Afrikana is independently owned and operated by Fellout Afrikana & Company. We are one of the few upcoming small companies in existence today that is still independent. Cjart Group is the founder and publishers of Fellout Afrikana.  For more information about our company, visit our social media page.

Anonymity is a double-edged sword. It can make us less accountable and less empathetic to the impact of our actions. By freeing us from consequences, it can bring out the worst in us. But anonymity can also be liberating. Ventriloquism can expand our creative horizons by allowing us to experiment with different identities or provide a safe space to talk about sensitive issues. At FABP, we accept pseudonyms and anonymous submissions but discourage hiding behind a mask merely for the sake of hiding.

Head over to their profile page. If the writer wants to be contacted by email, you will see a contact button or social media icon to their pages. If they don’t have the contact button enabled, your best bet is to leave a comment on their article via the whatsapp button.

Writing: FABP employs many part-time writers, most of who were recruited after contributing regularly to Fellout Afrikana. We typically look for writers that have a proven track record on Fellout Afrikana or other platforms.

Fellout Shop

Sales/Marketing: Fellout Shop is seeking motivated salespeople in Ethiopia, Rwanda, and Kisumu for its products.

Fellout Afrikana offers an extensive benefits program for its employees that includes paid events, Merch, and flexible work schedules.

Currently, we are only hiring based on referrals from existing employees.


– FellOut Afrikana