The Self Care Act

Interesting times indeed. Self-care has often been associated with going for ice
cream dates, scheduling a spa day, going to your dream vacation and eating what you have always longed to eat. What happens when doing all these things is suddenly almost illegal? Does self-care lose its meaning just because you can’t enjoy what you used to do as self-care fully?

Self-care is not only what you experience on the outside but also on the inside. When is the last time you drank eight glasses of water in a day? If you can’t remember when that is where you should start with immediate effect.


This pandemic has emphasized on the point that life is short and we should
constantly check on our loved ones. Love is a strong word but you cannot show love to others if you do not love yourself. They say charity begins at home and so does love. Self-care is rooted in love. Think about it. Why would you spend chunks of money so that you can finally go for that dream vacation if you don’t love yourself?

Although you are unable to go for that dream vacation because the world is
technically not safe; this article shall give pointers on self-care routines that are easy to incorporate in your day to day life.
Sleep! Sleep! Sleep! I am fully aware that you’d rather binge watch about twenty hours a day but sleep. The recommended hours for sleeping is 6-8 hours, heavy on the 8 hours. Did you know that when you sleep you get sick less often? Sleep has also been scientifically proven to reduce stress and improve your mood hence you
get along better with people. In addition to sleeping napping, during the day is highly recommended. Research shows that taking naps longer than 20 minutes can help boost your memory and enhances creativity.
Beetroot juice in the morning at least 2-3 days in a week. This juice promotes hairbgrowth, improves liver function, reduces inflammation, detoxifies, lowers blood pressure and improves stamina just to mention but a few.

As revolting as it sounds, you should think about it.


1 medium size beetroot
Thumb-sized ginger
1 carrot

½ glass of water


Thoroughly wash the beetroot, ginger and carrot. Peel the ginger, dice it and put in a blender.

Skin the beetroot, chop into small pieces (preferably use a plastic chopping board as it stains) and put it in the blender.

Dice the carrot and add to the blender.

Add water and blend to form a smooth paste.

PS: If a juicer or a nutri bullet machine is available, preferably use that.

In addition to the above routines, eating fruits regularly during the day boosts your immunity. Steaming your face with hot water in a bucket or using the face steamer-if available- clears your face pores and your respiratory system. Exercise is clearly not for everyone but there are some easy routines to stretch your muscles.

Stay tuned to acquire knowledge of these exercises.

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