For The Next You.

Change is the only constant in life – Heraclitus, a Greek philosopher is quoted to say.

My mom tells of my late grandad’s story in a very chilled manner that a couple of times before, I remained skeptical. See, my grandad worked for the British American Tobacco (BAT ) for over two decades (late 60s – early 90s). He began smoking cigarettes over those years.

When asked why he smoked, he’d say

“How can I not when dealing with cigarettes is my job?” My mom goes on to elaborate with “Similarly to what they say – as you make your bed so must you lie on it.”

However, after he retired and went back home, my grandad quit smoking. How? Just like that? You’d ask – I did too. No relapse? My mom says “Yes. No relapse at all for your grandfather made a choice despite it not being an easy one. A choice to quit – to change. Often than not, a choice that comes from oneself carries so much power that nothing else easily outmatches it. You do it, regardless of your fears. ”

Life is full of change for change is dynamic – always present. This is a note for the next you – for your next phase ;

Always aim to push yourself towards the greater things even when it seems impossible. To offer yourself unyielding encouragements because change is your own battle – one that you fight alone in most instances. To embrace and look at it from a positive perspective. It is a given that change might not be comfortable at first but once you adjust, the rest begins to fall into place. It is amazing how we find new opportunities and purpose in the uncomfortable. This is loud enough for everyone to realise that how you perceive change and the choices you make out of it solely lie on an individual.

Sometimes, change is painful

Sometimes, uncomfortable

Sometimes, the best of feeling

Sometimes, just the right thing one needed.

No matter where yours lies, you have the choice, the power to move and change your change.

Keep your head up queen /king.

Love and light your way


Kianda Joyce
Kianda Joyce
wondering wandering artist with a mind floating in a sea of creativity

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