The Advice Epidemic

The urge to convince others is overwhelming.On the surface, it appears virtuous to help,to instruct, to coach, to guide, to motivate. Giving advice gives the impression of nobility,as if we have a obligation to ameliorate the plight of the world,to assist people headed the “wrong” way,to point people in the “right” direction. We are all […]

Do Not Give Up on Love

Do not give up on loving because someone hurt you, there are people out there who still care! Two weeks ago, I celebrated my birthday, I am a big boy now. My birthday celebrations for this year were like no other. The celebrations started at midnight promptly. It’s the norm here that birthday boys and […]

The Self Care Act

Interesting times indeed. Self-care has often been associated with going for icecream dates, scheduling a spa day, going to your dream vacation and eating what you have always longed to eat. What happens when doing all these things is suddenly almost illegal? Does self-care lose its meaning just because you can’t enjoy what you used […]

My Life Is All I Have

How grateful I am, to hold the experience of the moment in my hands, to grasp it and get enlarged like the cosmos. How God preempts everything, how God has given me the compassion of His grace, what an entirety, I am a moment of being, the continuity of human predicament, in which in this […]

You Are Not Falling Behind

Even if your plans have changed, even if your timeline is different. Even if this year has not unfolded the way you thought it would — you are not falling behind. The course of our lives is not contingent upon things happening precisely as we think they should. In fact, it’s often the unexpected that […]

Not Busy, Just Focused

Take a look around: everyone is multitasking. We’re doing more than we’ve ever done, attempting to fill every interstitial zone with more work. Every downtown scene is the same: heads tilted downward, faces lost in glowing screensOne More Screen, technology turning people into zombies. We live in a busy world, one in which our value is […]

How A Smile Travels

I somehow feel like that’s how a smile travels. When you do a little good to try and make someone’s day and that someone is touched that you tried to get out of your way to make their day and that someone messages every friend that “I care” and “I’m here if you need me […]

In A Generation Where Our Sexuality Is Still Being Questioned..

I am tired of seeing people misjudged, killed, abused and violently treated. Are we in an era where our great great grandparents would justify our thoughts and would make us get married to the opposite gender. I am find being silenced, I’m no longer afraid of the shame that may befall thee. Many are the […]