An Angle Choosen By The Devil.

Her mind wandered a 1000miles, through storms and waves barely touching the surface of the waters. She wasn’t born an angel and she never was sorry for anything. A bitter pill is what she was.

Her heart sank, she watched it breaking in pieces and she couldn’t be blamed. She drowned deep down in the bottom, no soul could swim enough to retrieve it. It was way too dark for mankind.

She wasn’t born like this, but the surroundings forced her to become an angel chosen by her own evil fate. She had scars nobody could read, spoke to oneself then forget. She just existed without any true existence.

“I’m just like an album,”she said.It’s buried in within me and nobody can read my heart where hurricanes are fragile and dancing around like little demons.

P.s Lilian Ng’endo Wangari???

Lilian Leticia
Lilian Leticia
I am a rare soul because when I describe myself I forget who I am. I find beauty in everything and in all books I have read. Writing evolves around my own world. I am outspoken and I am never afraid to say what’s on my mind.

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