Restless Nights

False realities,some pass,some never come,3am, the deepest thoughts come before slumber.Moments that are forgotten and replaced with nightmares. You want to erase the memories and times spend in space and in a cruise full of flowers and love.But those nights,make you grow,you end up making decisions that are hard and can determine a lifetime. Yes […]


Don’t Forget My Name

I don’t think you’re perfect but I think everything about you that’s not is what makes you fascinating. It sounds so dumb but I find myself wanting to remember certain things about you, like the way your hair falls or how you say certain words or how you hold your pen- I’m telling you it’s […]



Not sure if this is a poem or just me thinking out loud. She said to me It hurts.A lot.What does? I asks.It’s nothing.How can it be nothing when you look hurt? You don’t know.Don’t know what?Nothing.It’s a long story.I’m all ears. Don’t know where to start because there’s no beginning.It happened in a whiff […]