Sorry, I Will Do Better.

If I haven’t checked in on you lately, I’m sorry. I’ve been going through a lot. I’ve been struggling to hold myself together. There’s a part of me that feels like a shitty person because it’s not that hard to send a text, it’s not that hard to be there.

But another part of me feels like it’s okay to be a little distant, to put myself first, to make sure my mental health is in a decent space.

These two parts of me keep playing tug of war, convincing me it’s okay to keep to myself one day, and then convincing me it makes me a horrible person the next day. Either way, you need to know you’ve never left my mind. I still care about you. I still love you.

If I haven’t checked in on you lately, I’m sorry. I should really text you. I should reach out to ask you how you’ve been doing lately. Honestly, I’ve thought about doing that a million times, but I can never find the right words to send a text. It’s not that I don’t care about you. It’s not that I don’t want to set aside time for you. It’s not that you’re low on my list of priorities.

If I haven’t checked in on you lately, I’m sorry, but you should know I’ve been thinking about you this entire time. You should know your happiness, your safety, and your sanity are incredibly important to me. You should know I haven’t stopped caring about you, not even a little bit. And I promise, I’m going to start doing a better job of proving that to you in the future. I’m going to make sure you never wonder whether I care because the answer is always going to be yes

Kipyegon Sigei
Kipyegon Sigei
Passionate about inspiring people to discover the best part of them.

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