Never Let Rejection Convince You That You’re Not Enough

If you’ve experienced rejection at any point in your life, you may find yourself feeling less than enough. Rejection can impact us mentally, physically, and even spiritually. Feelings of rejection are painful endure. They give you a false sense of insecurity that lead you to believe that you aren’t good enough. You start second guessing yourself until one day you stop believing in yourself.
There are negative effects of having unresolved feelings of rejection. You desperately want to be accepted by people so much that you start to develop bad habits, like trying to buy people’s affection. You shower people with gifts in hopes that they will like you in return. You should never have to spend money to find out if people really accept you for who you are, and you should not have to buy love or affection.

Another habit that develops is you become a “yes man” (so to speak). You don’t speak your mind because you don’t want anyone upset with you. You avoid conflict or having a difference of opinion with others. You bottle things up inside and smile on the outside. This habit actually makes you feel even more rejected because you deny yourself from being your true self. It may feel like it’s working in your favor, but you are actually doing more harm than good to yourself.  You should never feel as if the only way for people to accept you is if you appease them or cater to their ego.

I know it can be painful, but never let that pain cause you to reject yourself because someone else did. Sometimes you have to face the pain to overcome the pain. You have to face rejection to overcome rejection. It starts by rejecting the negative thoughts and feelings you harbor about yourself because someone else rejected you.
Be comfortable being you and you will find there are people who like you for you. It is time to start believing in yourself, and you will see that others do too.  You are more than enough. You are worth the effort. You are pleasant to be around, and you can be yourself.
Tell yourself that you are more than a conqueror—you deserve the best and you will not settle for less. Remind yourself that you make a difference and are important.  You can accomplish whatever you set your mind to. Find the courage to express your own opinions and have the confidence to speak up for yourself.

Look in the mirror and start to accept who you see and appreciate what you see. One day you will realize that you are no longer hiding behind your pain. You are able to smile again, love again, be happy again, live again, fellowship again, and find joy in being your true self. You will be able to reject those who reject you and accept those who accept you for you. You will realize that you were not meant to settle for less than you deserve and you are more than enough to those who appreciate your worth.

You have so much potential inside of you! You are worth it, you are valuable, you make a difference, and it starts within you. Reject the pain and embrace your full potential – a world of opportunity awaits you! You may not see it right now, but if you keep on looking for the best in yourself, you will find it.

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Sein Sindishwa
Sein Sindishwa
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