Teenage Pregnancies

The recent numbers of teenage pregnancies is wanting and alarming. We have even seen a case of a 13-year old boy impregnating a 12-year old girl. This is really worrying. Question is, how do we deal with it? In our country, and possibly Africa as a whole, sex is treated as a taboo and having discussions around it is almost unthinkable. So, can we say that this has contributed to these numbers?

Teenagehood is a curious stage and most teenagers want to experiment and find out stuff for themselves. It is therefore important they be equipped with the necessary information around sex. Sex education should be a compulsory topic in schools. Our children need to be educated on safe sex, where to find contraceptives, how to use them. Basically, they need knowledge on matters sex. Some may dispute this with claims that this will propel them to try and ‘put into practice’ what they have learnt. If this was the case, then all the silence around this topic would have yielded results. We wouldn’t be having such a high number of teenage pregnancies.

The church has also been silent about this topic. The only thing we are told is to abstain till marriage. Talking about it with our spiritual leaders calls for a certain look and you are almost immediately viewed as a rebel. But shouldn’t the church also contribute in giving direction to its teenagers about it?

It is our responsibility as parents and adults in the society to educate our teenagers on sex. Let them know what sex is, what it entails, and the responsibility that comes along with it. Let them know that sex isn’t just a game, they can’t just be going out testing the waters. If this issue is not addressed, then we might as well expect a large number of post abortion crisis.

It's what we ache for that matters.

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