A Note For The Rainy Day

Take a cold shower.

Let the past life cleanse you into the gentle present.

The tears.

The sweat.

The sad songs of grief be washed away into the drain.

Eat something light.

Something that is easy to love.

Like warm soup.

A few slices of freshly ripe mangoes or ovacado.

A small cup of sweetened tea.

And something to feed your soul and mind with silent and peaceful happiness.

Wisdom and strength.

Those poetry books that speak your language of loving-kindness.

Tv shows that bring you back at the heart of the essence of support and friendship. (Friends)

Music that makes the blue bird in your being remember the blissful melodies of light romance.

Cheerful days. and safe nights.

It’s okay to heal from a season of depression with simplicity and comfort knowing that sunshine will come someday and you’ll be in harmony with everything that is okay.

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