Ray of Sunlight

On the days you want to smile, but have to sigh
Reflecting upon warm memories, through ripples of time,the old dreams

On the days when you are not able to bury your hardest times,forgetting that they happened, and your soul is frozen in time…
On the days when no true word can be said or heard, when the silent moon no longer ease your pain,
On the days you are surrounded by hardship,when trouble plus trouble goes on and on, you wonder if bad days will ever be gone,

On the days when your world is turned upside down,When the funds are low and debt high,the pockets torn and empty

Stick to the fight,have the guts to face it with a smile,do not frown…
Gather all your trusts and place it with God, even when the silence has become raw and torn and the chances of winning seem very odd

And a little ray of sunlight will show up soon.

Evance Atom
Evance Atom
Realist, tea enthusiast, and Architect. I can guarantee you there’s a journal and book in my bag wherever I go.

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