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15 lessons I’m learning along the way ;

1. Remain hopeful even in the darkest of situations. There’s always light at the end of the tunnel. Always.

2. Learn how to always communicate your feelings. Or else, the other person will really never know what you feel.

3. Honesty is nonpareil. It’s a virtue, that only comes from within.

4. Not every victory is meant for the present. Take some time, relax. Rejuvenate. Come back stronger!

5. Go above and beyond for YOURSELF. For who? YOURSELF.

6. Words have power. That…that remains undisputed. Stick around people who always lift your spirit and you’ll go far.

7. Even the strongest sometimes fall.

8. Learn to be your own biggest supporter, learn not to seek validation from others, learn to celebrate your achievements with or without others. It’s a busy world – we are busy, we forget sometimes.

9. Focusing your mind and eyes on bigger goals is okay but don’t let these small wins pass unnoticed. Celebrate them, be proud of your win(s) – minor or major.

10. Afford yourself first.

11. Have the willingness to always try, to start. Goes a long way.

12. Sometimes, it’s best to allow your intuition to lead you every step of the way. Saves you a lot of “I wish I…” and many other stories.

13. Chase your heart’s desires darling!

14. It’s never that serious, have a good time while you still can. Heck, have a good time. Always!

15. What’s life without disappointments, losses, bad days? Embrace them as they come, for they prepare you for a greater self.

Kianda Joyce
Kianda Joyce
wondering wandering artist with a mind floating in a sea of creativity

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