Let Go of Your Old Dreams

You are allowed to let go of your old dreams. You are allowed to redesign your plan for your life, because what you had decided upon years ago was chosen for a person you no longer are. You were not born to do just one job, play just one role, be just one person. You are a constant evolution. You are a continual unfolding. You haven’t met every part of yourself yet, you haven’t unearthed every desire. There is more to you, and there is more to life — but to know this, you first have to do the most subversive thing, which is to leap without knowing where, exactly, you will land.

What do you actually want the day-to-day of your life to look like?

That’s your true dream.

Anything else was something you crafted out of an idea of what someone else would want. The truth is that the only “safe” choice is to follow our hearts, because anything else leaves us a fraction of the people we intended to be. The truth is that you are allowed to pursue what’s right for the person you are now, then you are allowed to pursue something else for the person you will one day become.

You are allowed to keep choosing.

You are allowed to let go.

Kipyegon Sigei
Kipyegon Sigei
Passionate about inspiring people to discover the best part of them.

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