A Note For The Rainy Day

Take a cold shower. Let the past life cleanse you into the gentle present. The tears. The sweat. The sad songs of grief be washed away into the drain. Eat something light. Something that is easy to love. Like warm soup. A few slices of freshly ripe mangoes or ovacado. A small cup of sweetened […]

Cjart Describing Things As They Are – Part 6 [A Journey Through Depression]

Do you ever have days where you don’t feel happy, you don’t feel sad, you just feel nothing? A numbness has overcome you and a thought drifts by “Get up, read a book, do some exercise, do something”. You visualise moving your arm or trying to stand up but then feel a weight increasing on you. […]

No Reason To be Depressed

You may be right at the start of your journey with depression, or years into it desperately trying to find “the answer” and a way out.