Lets Fall in Love Again

There are a hundred pains,There are a hundred ways of relief.I’ve got everything,my love.Only you aren’t there… Let the time stand stillIf the sea has turnedLet the shore endure itI have a million wishesBut not your sorrow

How A Smile Travels

I somehow feel like that’s how a smile travels. When you do a little good to try and make someone’s day and that someone is touched that you tried to get out of your way to make their day and that someone messages every friend that “I care” and “I’m here if you need me […]


You’re the only person I want to spend the rest of my full moons with.

Little Moments That Suggest You Are Slowly Beginning To Heal

1. When you realize that though nostalgia feels like a comforting place to live, the path ahead holds much more promise and much more hope. 2. When you notice yourself feeling thankful that something happened, rather than heartbroken over the fact that it ended. 3. The first time you receive good news and they aren’t the first person […]

In another Life

You and I were never meant to be easy. We didn’t love gently or simply. There were no lazy Sunday mornings and no sleepy, half awake kisses. There was no hand holding and no ‘this just feels right’ moments. There was no staring softly into each other’s eyes from across a crowded room with a […]