How to Let Go of Possessions

Our possessions possess us.This is how we let go.If a thing stops adding value, sell it.If it doesn’t sell in a week, lower the price.If it doesn’t sell in 30 days, donate it.If a donation place doesn’t accept, recycle it.If it can’t be recycled, trash it (as a last resort).Once we let go, we’re able […]

Cjart Describes Things As They Are. Part 2

I’ve been mulling over what to write about for the blog. And while I plan to keep writing posts, not only so we have something else to read about, but also as an all-important means of maintaining a connection. I wanted to address how I, and I’m sure most of us, are feeling right now.  Because, […]

A Happy Day

Happy Saturday!  If you’d like some additional reading material this week, I suggest this article I wrote about the concept of inversion: Link on each subscribers email…. It’s a powerful concept. I hope you find it useful. Now, here are 3 ideas, 2 quotes, and 1 question for the week… 3 IDEAS FROM ME I.  […]

The Best 20 of 2019

What a year. After writing every Monday and Thursday or Saturday since September 7, 2019 (more than 20 articles and over 20,000 words), I’m taking today to share the best articles I’ve written over the past months… 1. Hopeless romantic and love phobic? It may seem impossible to pull yourself together right now. It may […]

3-2-1 Sunday

Happy Sunday! I hope your week has been going well so far. I’m also feeling particularly grateful to have you reading. Thank you for sharing some of your precious time with me each week. I hope you enjoy these 3 ideas, 2 quotes, and 1 question for the week… 3 IDEAS I.  If you want […]

Can’t Stick to Good Habits?

Have you ever set out with the goal of actually sticking to a new behavior … only to find yourself not doing it at all one week later? I know I have. Why is it so hard to form good habits? Why is it so difficult to make a consistent change? How can we have the […]

Classic Pacesetters: How Minimalist Book Covers Sold the Masses on Kenyan Market

The first novel I read in the Pacesetters series was Mark of The Cobra by Valentine Ally. It featured a young Nigerian secret service agent. Set obviously against a western template but with African characters in an African locale, it just blew my mind. It was a welcome change from reading about Nick Carter and […]