The Advice Epidemic

The urge to convince others is overwhelming.On the surface, it appears virtuous to help,to instruct, to coach, to guide, to motivate. Giving advice gives the impression of nobility,as if we have a obligation to ameliorate the plight of the world,to assist people headed the “wrong” way,to point people in the “right” direction. We are all […]


In a lighthouse on the sandy shoals near the raging sea,Comes a boy every morning,The strong winds blow and the sea waves rise so high.Each day he sits to watch, believing that by raising his hand,The sea waters rise to the thoughts in his mind.“Dad look, “I can raise and calm a sea storm…”And out […]

Behind The Mask!!

Scattered throughout my life like a friend who’s never there, bad days in time are meant to happen. Bad memories trailing behind for if we didn’t experience the worst we couldn’t recognize the best.

A giver’s pov…

Love. I gave him in doubles Over time, in twofold Taking comfort in the fact that I am a giver. Forgetting that even givers needed to receive. To be cared for. Forgetting that that was just the novelty of a young love. Just like that of a new car that slowly begins to wear off […]

Don’t Forget My Name

I don’t think you’re perfect but I think everything about you that’s not is what makes you fascinating. It sounds so dumb but I find myself wanting to remember certain things about you, like the way your hair falls or how you say certain words or how you hold your pen- I’m telling you it’s […]

Cjart Describes Things As They Are -Part 7

There are a lot of people out there who can change your life, and some who will actually get the chance to. And there are a lot of people whose lives you will make better and a lot of people who you’ll hurt. There are people out there right now who have no idea who […]


The prompt today is simple, just start from the word solitude and write about it.