Cjart Describes Things As They Are. Part 3

I looked to the news today for inspiration, all I received were warnings to stay within the perimeters. Don’t go out, stay six metres apart, stay home. Don’t venture outside unless you really need to. Today the entire world could be sneezing. As a child I remember singing Ring‐a‐Ring o’ Roses[hope that’s the right lyrics], […]

Mindfulness In The Time Of Coronavirus

So much to do! So many worries, concerns, and distractions. We work hard, we play hard. We want to stay healthy—we need to stay healthy! Many of us fear that we may be one health crisis away from losing everything. But all this worry and fear does nothing but weaken our hold of what we […]

Checking In With Your Mental Health During Social Distancing

These days, you may feel swallowed whole by the COVID-19 frenzy. The news has it constantly on our minds, and our government’s response until very recently was naive at best and irresponsible at worst. We are given mixed signals as to how we should respond and the timelines under which we should respond. The only clear bit […]

COVID-19: What Is the “Right” Amount of Scared?

Despite hopes, prayers, and efforts to keep the COVID-19 coronavirus from spreading from China, it’s here.  Public health officials and epidemiologists (scientists that study disease control and spread) want us to take preventative actions to reduce the possible spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus. They tell us to go home and stay home as soon as we feel even a […]