Cjart Describes Things As They Are. Part 3

I looked to the news today for inspiration, all I received were warnings to stay within the perimeters. Don’t go out, stay six metres apart, stay home. Don’t venture outside unless you really need to. Today the entire world could be sneezing.

As a child I remember singing Ring‐a‐Ring o’ Roses[hope that’s the right lyrics], today this threat definitely poses has they all start falling.

Frightening times of 2020, this invisible threat keeps the entire planet locked behind closed doors of personal quarantine of confined spaces.

From Smallpox to Black death to Cholera and Yellow fever, Influenza, HIV, Sars, Ebola, Mers and now Covid-19 the entire human race up against the wall once again.

Are we all lined up facing a diseased drench firing squad as the bullets spread towards each and every one of us. No known cure, no antidote even world leaders, future kings may fall.

It is a crazy, scary place out there right now yet I still see the ones prepared to spread these germs, flaunting warnings, walking around like their all on holiday, chatting in groups without the distance, why do they think they’re so different like this disease will have manners and walk around them.

The world right now is facing the fight of all fights, didn’t take a bullet yet we all might fall. An unseen enemy of each and every state, world war 3 isn’t fought with bombs but germs.
We’re all part of this battle, please keep safe.

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