Earth Day

While we are more than ready for the lockdown to be done and behind us to see our loved ones, we can’t help but notice all the good it has done to our Planet as well.

Here are just a few positive things that have happened:

1: Local sales on the rise

Not only does this help the local economy, local jobs and gives our local artistry a chance to be seen, it also helps the environment tremendously by reducing the transportation of goods and allows better traceability of the products. 

Great initiatives to promote local purchasing have emerged.

2 : Less seismic activity around the world. 

With fewer trains running, less cars on the roads as well as with all the big manufacturers shutting down, there is a significant reduction of vibrations of the earth’s crust. Resulting in fewer earthquakes around the world. Source Météo Média

3 : Working from home & videoconferencing

Working from home means using your car or public transportation less, which results in less gas consumption, less traffic on the roads and more time at home.

4 : At home gardens are the new supermarket

Garden centers are having a hard time supplying the demand there is right now since people want to grow their own fruits and veggies while reconnecting with nature as well. The government has also stated they want to become more independent with our food supplies. Fresh produce with a lighter carbon footprint? Count me⁹ in!

5 : Better air quality

Transportation (planes, cars, trucks etc.) is responsible for 40% of greenhouse gas emissions. Scientists have noted a 50% drop in air pollution in some large cities after the most significant drop in travelling as well as the rise in people working from their homes. It should also be noted that pollution affects and kills many people who have poor pulmonary health every year (in “normal” times!) Source BBC

6 : Wildlife claims back its turf

Birds are chirping louder, and animals have been roaming freely since humans are cooped up, which is a direct result of them being at ease with less human activity around them.

7 : How important our green spaces are

Being stuck inside has made people see just how important being able to have a green patch to walk around on is to relax and reduce anxiety. Hopefully, we’ll remember to protect them a bit more once we’re past this.

8 : Being self-sufficient is trending

 Making your own bread at home as never been more researched on the web! (oh and we have a great blog on the subject!) People are quite curious about the subject, and we can see why when observing the fear of a food or toilet paper shortage that this pandemic has created.

Sein Sindishwa
Sein Sindishwa
Nairobi-based poet, writer, avid coffee drinker, and music lover. Author, designer, and all-around creative rover for Fellout Afrikana

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