Happy New Month loves!

Can we just take some time and breathe? Unwind and cool off? Not have deadlines for some time and just, just relax?

May this month be kind to those who were left drained, exhausted from November. May we prioritize self care, self love and everything nice. Let’s go out there and live.

It’s my hope and prayer that you may find the willpower to go back to doing what you love doing, whether it is writing, drawing, cycling – it’s time love.

May we be productive in whatever we’ve set to do. This happens to be one of my favorite months ☺️, wishing you nothing but good vibes as we watch those Christmas movies.

Enjoy and relax. RELAX. That said, remember to count your blessings!

Kianda Joyce
Kianda Joyce
wondering wandering artist with a mind floating in a sea of creativity

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