Hello December!

We are so glad that you’re here, finally. Delight!

We have since day one of my existence shared a fond relationship, I mean you came in that year and I came 19 days after you so that thereafter my birthday was marked the 19th day of December. Your coming has always brought with it the most important day of my life, the most important day of the christian in me, the most important day of the Gregorian calendar for your 31st day always marks the end of a year. December I love you, we love you.

You brought with you births of a lot of amazing people. Can you imagine silver screens without Denzel Washington, Samuel L. Jackson or Jamie Foxx? What of our generation without John Legend, Nicki Minaj and Jordin Sparks music? Anha, Basketball without the flying Lebron James! Golf without the Tiger from Woods? Would Arsenal and Barcelona have heard a better Alexis Sanchez? To mention but a few. December you’re a month to always remember!

The December of 2020 looked like a month we would never see afterall. There was a time in 2020 when life seemed to be fading away in the next second, minute hour or day. Living to see tomorrow was not a guarantee. We were all so scared. We grieve with the masses that succumbed to COVID 19, they sadly didn’t live to see you come. But we are here, we have seen you come, we are indeed blessed.

Dear sweet December, shower upon us your lovely blessings. Cover with us the merry glow you have what given us whenever you come and bring with you the catholic festive season. May we enjoy your company. May we forget the craze of the doomed year we are yet to call quits. May we love and be loved. May we see stability and sanity return to our countries.

And oh, dear December as you return your comfortable abode, please tell 2021 to be nice to us. We sons of men are not prepared for the worst like we have had to send through in 2020.

2020, your December is here. Please do not infect it with the poison you have infected with the rest of the months, please!

An enthusiastic creative writer is here.

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