Just fold it small,it shouldn’t be so much, you’ll be surprising them,it can’t be too little, it’ll kill them,let it be clear,you don’t want to hear sirens seconds later.

Masks are up,a metre apart each,belts to our seat,so I turn aback”why do you still give them?”if you’re license is expired,it wasn’t checked,he just smiled,

This ain’t a bribe girl,it’s the rules of the land,you get into our shoes,you know you have to pay,it’s just there,unchanged,like that time you’re supposed to get home,past seven,you have to explain,it’s not written in books,just your father’s word and you adhere to it,that’s the rule.

So we pay, whichever trips we make a day,don’t blame them also,their payslip may be negative, their problems maybe heavier,that kamia could be your fare,who are we to even say no,this is the ground.

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