Making The Main Thing – The Main Thing. [Cjart Describing Things As They Are. Part 4]

Confusing title? Read it slowly if you have to no shame. I’ve been going through some major feels lately when it comes to future goals and what I want in life, but the downside to this is I feel cluttered af.

Like all of a sudden I’m questioning everything I’ve been doing, like will people really care about what I have to say? Are you doing things because you truly want to or because you think it’s what other people will like? I recently thougt of starting doing YouTube because I really felt like I needed to be on another platform vs just insta (always my 1 true love) and I think editing videos is super fun n shit but man, I started questioning so many things. Is this really, truly me? Am I just trying to make myself seem more likable? Do I always have a double chin? So many questions.

Until – I read this piece of advice: Make sure, no matter what you do, always keep the main thing, the main thing. Idk why but this made my mind completely blow (a lot of things do lets be real) because of course I’m going to get all spiritual and apply it to everyday life. It’s so easy to get caught up in the next best thing especially when you’re getting told by a number of different people online (that you literally don’t even really know) that you should be doing certain things to succeed. I take one scroll through instagram and immediately feel like I need to be creating the next best recipe, coming up with some new workout plan, publishing ebooks, trying to come up with the next food combining phase. I pride myself on keeping my social media a safe and uplifting space (even though I still need to see what Tana Mongeau is doing, like all the time) but STILL, surrounding it with people who are like minded and crushing it puts a whole new kind of pressure on me. I said earlier that I feel so cluttered right now in my head, what do I need to do next? He’s doing this, so should I start doing it? Do I start a podcast? WTF is Tik Tok. I’m not that into recipe making, but people seem to love that, do I start doing more of it?

I love writing, and am learning to love video-which am planning to do, but now podcasting is the big thing? Do I start one? I’m constantly feeling like I have to one up other people, but don’t even know who they are or where I would even start, it’s honestly ANNOYING.

That’s why this quote really helped me. After feeling so much clutter in my head I decided to go back to WHY I was doing what I was doing. I started Still In Progress because I genuinely couldn’t believe the feelings I was feeling leading up to my university progress. I couldn’t believe that this was supposed to be normal, I want to create a space for people who know that they want to do more than society tells them they can do, they just don’t know where to start. I want to share peoples stories on how they gained clarity on their life and figured out what they wanted to do, to maybe help just 1 person who’s feeling the weight of the fcking world on their shoulders to break free of that and put themselves first. I want people to be excited about life and make the most of it, because people still don’t understand you only live this life one time.

Going back to this has quote made me feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. This is my MAIN thing. Helping people find clarity is my main thing – not trying to be the next Chebet or David Dobrik on YouTube (guy is funny af tho) or Kenzie Burke making food combining a thing. It’s so simple yet so hard. The reason I’m feeling cluttered is because I’m trying to add bits and pieces of OTHER people into what I do because it seems to be working for them. But now I understand that this takes away from my power and my message. People will see right through it.

It’s so easy to get side tracked and feel like you have to be doing something else to succeed. So, if you’re feeling cluttered, and you feel like what you’re doing isn’t getting you anywhere, do NOT try and be someone you’re not. So cliche. So true. Just remember, always keep your main thing, the main thing.

If you’re reading this, I am literally so grateful for you. You have no idea. So much love. xo. Kisses for the ladies.

Kipyegon Sigei
Kipyegon Sigei
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