do one simple thing: be kind

Happy Sunday! Hope this finds you on a Sunday. Hope this finds you at great health.

This post finds me at the rural most part of Kenya. I had to travel for 30 minutes to find a 3G network. And its has been a great adventure and lesson.

Here are 3 ideas, 2 quotes, and 1 question for the week…



The surest way to prevent yourself from learning a topic is to believe you already know it.


The longer I live, the more I notice how valuable it is to do one simple thing: be kind.

– When someone does a good job, tell them.
– When someone makes a mistake, forgive them.
– When someone tells you their problems, listen.

Being kind barely costs a thing. You’ll hardly remember you did it, but the other person may never forget that you did.


For my final thought, a quote from Atomic Habits:

It doesn’t matter how successful or unsuccessful you are right now. What matters is whether your habits are putting you on the path toward success. You should be far more concerned with your current trajectory than with your current results. If you’re a millionaire but you spend more than you earn each month, then you’re on a bad trajectory; if your spending habits don’t change, it’s not going to end well. Conversely, if you’re broke, but you save more than you spend every month, then you’re on the path toward financial freedom—even if you’re moving slower than you’d like.



Author Elizabeth Gilbert on time management:

“If you’ve reached a certain age then you know what works for you. You should know by this point in your life what time of day you’re ‘good’ — like what time of day is your brain at its best. Because the reality is we all get, maybe, two good hours a day where we actually feel awake and alert.

“And the big, important question is: Who currently gets that time from you. The best time from your brain every day—who or what currently gets that? And would you be willing to take it back so that it’s yours and then give the world the ‘second-rate’ version of you (which is the other 22 hours of the day)…”

Source: Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard, episode #111: Elizabeth Gilbert


The second quote today is from author Leo Tolstoy: 

“If you want to do a good deed, do it now. The time will pass, and you will not have the chance again.”

Source: A Calendar of Wisdom​


If you were forced to work for just one hour per day, what would you work on during that hour to be most effective?

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