Limitation and its Power

Let Your Limitations Fill You With Strength

“A solitary prisoner for life is extremely resourceful; to him, a spider can be a source of great amusement. Think of our schools today; we are at an age when there is no aesthetic consideration in the choosing of our teachers, and therefore they are often very boring—how resourceful are we then! When we were young: What fun we have catching a fly or an ant, keeping it prisoner under a broken glass shell, and watching it run around with it! we made them fight each other to death. What delight in cutting a hole in the desk, confining a fly in it, and peeking at it through a piece of paper! How entertaining it can be to listen to the monotonous dripping from the roof! What a meticulous observer one becomes, detecting every little sound or movement.”

–I know some of you don’t relate to this but sure if you were born in the suburbs or rural or by chance went to a public school you sure do relate 100 (couldn’t find the 100 emoji on my PC keyboard.)

“One is weary of living in the country and moves to the city; one is weary of one’s native land and goes abroad; one is weary of Europe and goes to America, etc.; one indulges in the fanatical hope of an endless journey from star to star…

One is weary of eating on porcelain and eats on silver; wearying of that, one eats on gold.”

that’s a quote by one famous—Soren Kierkegaard his books are like the modern days Leviticus

The assumption that often drives these behaviors is that if we want to find happiness and meaning in our lives, then we need more: more opportunity, more wealth, and more things.

We start to believe that moving somewhere new will remove the messiness of life. Or, that if we just lived in a new location or had a new job, then we would finally be granted the permission and ability to do the things we always wanted to do. If had more, we would be set.

Scholars will argue, however, that the life we are looking for can be found embracing less, not more.

It can be easy to spend your life complaining about the opportunities that are withheld from us and the resources that we need to make our goals a reality.

But there is an alternative. You can use your constraints to drive creativity. You can embrace your limitations to foster skill development. The problem is rarely the opportunities we have, but how we use them.

  • You want to write, but don’t have a large audience. Not a problem. That is your constraint. How can you create a work of art for your small corner of the universe?
  • You are not as strong or mobile as you wish? No worry. That is your constraint. What is the best workout your body can deliver given these boundaries?

The only thing needed to begin a new life is a new perspective. Let your limitations fill you with strength rather than deplete your power.

The more we limit ourselves, the more resourceful we become.





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