Zodiac What You Do Wrong Texting Their Crush


You absolutely refuse to send the first text, even when the other person has been putting in all the effort.


Sometimes, your answers are too short and kill the conversation.


You don’t wait long enough for them to respond before you start freaking out about how they aren’t answering you.


You talk about the same exact thing every single day, which can become boring fast.


You wait way too long in between texts in order to play hard to get. 


You send a lot of sarcastic messages that seem mean over text because they can’t figure out your tone.


You use too many emojis, exclamation points, and LOLs that aren’t authentic.


You send your messages without spell checking or looking over your grammar.


You make every conversation about yourself and don’t ask nearly enough questions.


You completely ignore texts or take actual days to answer, which makes them think you couldn’t care less about them.


You’re the only one who ever initiates the conversation. You never wait long enough to see whether they’ll text first.


You send lengthy paragraphs of texts with a little too much information.

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