What Your Love Life Looks Like Right Now, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Aries Your love life is nonexistent right now. Taurus You’ve been having cute, old-fashioned dates with someone special. Gemini You’ve been swiping right on strangers and then not replying to their messages. Cancer You’ve forgotten about dating completely and have been focused on friends and family. Leo You’ve been refreshing your social media feed constantly to see […]


What Each Zodiac Will Discover By The End Of January 2020

Aries In January 2020, you’ll discover your own strength. Taurus In January 2020, you’ll discover your inner beauty. Gemini In January 2020, you’ll discover your true, authentic self. Cancer In January 2020, you’ll discover your purpose. Leo In January 2020, you’ll discover your core values. Virgo In January 2020, you’ll discover your confidence. Libra In […]


Why Each Zodiac Sign Could Use A Drink Right About Now

Aries You haven’t been sleeping right. You’ve been exhausted physically and emotionally. Taurus You’ve been going through a rough patch in your relationship. You’ve been having trouble focusing on anything else. Gemini Work has been stressing you out lately. You haven’t had much time to yourself since the year started. Cancer You’ve been dealing with […]


One Word To Describe Each Zodiac Sign’s Love Life In 2020

Aries Transformative Taurus Restorative Gemini Pleasurable Cancer Wholesome Leo Triumphant Virgo Electrifying Libra Exhilarating Scorpio Ravenous Sagittarius Effortless Capricorn Rewarding Aquarius Refreshing Pisces Fulfilling About the author Collins Cjart is a writer, editor, dreamer, and occasional exotic dancer.(Jokes on you I can’t dance let alone move my feet). Follow Cjart on Instagram or read more articles from […]

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