The Soothing Rains

The soothing rains, they fall gently hitting our roof tops. These rains bring a calmness, they make things merrier, they beckon sleep. A sleep, a sweet sleep, that you can never wish to wake up from.

The rains, they bring joy, they bring warmth. The rains, they give a comfort and make you forget about tomorrow. You forget about your problems. For those who are double, the warm embrace of the one they love adds magic to the warmth these rains carry along with them. Seeing the one you love lying next to you, hearing their breathe, smelling thier scent, watching the glow in their eyes, keeping awake to see them go to dreamland, kissing them good night amidst the soothing of the rains above, boy oh boy! That feeling is nothing but a sweet haven. Waking up to the soothing rains and the one you love is still lying next to you is yet another lovely experience.

The rains beckon a morning sleep like no other. Before you know it, you’re snoozing that morning alarm, sneering your own conscience telling you to arise and shine and forgetting that you have a snooting to work to make! The rains, they make you confident that all is well. That the boss will understand, that the customers are doing as you; extending their sleep. That the world is waiting for you, is it? The rains, they are a calm before the storm!

Let’s be careful and not let our guards loose. The rains are always coming. They’ll will always be around us to bring comfy and make us so sure of ourselves. They come in leaps and bounds in all sizes and make. False confidence, over confidence, pride, malice, disrespect, failure to mark our boundaries, cowardice, too much trust, failure to budget, selfishness, procrastinating, too much talk, time wasting, the rains! Keep sane and know when they are falling so that you don’t fall after them, thereafter.

A blessed week.

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