She can’t do this anymore ?

She’s tired of crying every night.

She can’t sleep everyday thinking that the next will just be like the previous.

She’s so freaking tired.

She’s restless.

She’s tired of feeling broken,damaged,worthless,never good enough.

She’s tired of having to endure pain, over and over and over again.

She’s tired of all the lies.

She’s tired being stressed about everything.

She’s tired of seeing people drifting away.

She’s tired of letting the wrong people in her life.

She’s tired of being treated like crap.

She’s tired of getting her hopes up.

She’s tired. That’s exactly what she is.


She’s tired being in a community full of psychopaths.

She refuses to love because she has been broken.

She’s tired of surrendering.

She’s tired of this whole thing and neglecting her own feelings.

Tired of ignoring all the red flags and fears.

Tired of the failure and harsh words people throw.

She’s tired of pretending to have healed.

She’s tired of everything not making sense.

She’s tired of feeling breathless and heartless.

She’s tired because she has seen and experienced it all.

SO BRO, Even though your plan is to get into her life and break her all over again just know she won’t feel the pain anymore because she has gone through this already.

INSTEAD, Show her of the good things that the world still has to offer and what she really deserves. Don’t redo the pain again.

BECAUSE, The truth is she’s TIRED.


P.s Lilian Ng’endo????

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