If I Showed You..

If I showed you the insecurities would you have stayed? I always think about it because I never felt less insecure of my strength. The strength that comes from mountains and fjords far beyond. Everything could fall apart today but would you let that kill you? So I thought. I wonder if the snow wishes […]

You Are A Mess!!

You leave behind a formless beautiful, only to the eyes of a few.

How A Smile Travels

I somehow feel like that’s how a smile travels. When you do a little good to try and make someone’s day and that someone is touched that you tried to get out of your way to make their day and that someone messages every friend that “I care” and “I’m here if you need me […]

Rules of Grieving — Wait; WhAt?!?

Let’s all be a tiny more progressive with this. I’m simply asking you to think of what you say before you say it. This is something I tell my friends to do no matter what situation they are in


You’re the only person I want to spend the rest of my full moons with.