My Life Is All I Have

How grateful I am, to hold the experience of the moment in my hands, to grasp it and get enlarged like the cosmos. How God preempts everything, how God has given me the compassion of His grace, what an entirety, I am a moment of being, the continuity of human predicament, in which in this […]

Daddy issue

If it were not for the series of events, that not only brought down but burnt to ash the nativity of my youth; then I would still be mellowed out in oblivion for the phrase. In some ways I’m still gathering ingredients for this metaphorical pie, in proving how easy it is to get over […]

I Trust That God Will Give Me Hope

“Give me hope,” I say to the spring-bearing trees and the leaves that whisper small graces to passersby. I listen to them, because I don’t know who else to listen to. And I trust what they say, because I don’t have anything else to trust. “I don’t know where I read this but I saved […]