Note for brighter days ahead…

May we always attract where there’s pure intention. May we never be drained by being in positions that don’t feed us as well. May we thrive in the spaces we are in. May we find inner peace from that which is close to the heart.

May we heal from the things we don’t speak about. May we learn the significance and power of solitude. May we learn to always put gratitude first even when things seem impossible. May we live to learn how to love like our parents and grandparents do/did.

May we feed our souls with love and peace. May we always aim to replenish our hearts with the good bits of life ; positive thoughts, optimism and love. May we nourish our minds, hearts and souls and above all, look for the best in people.

May we begin to give life a chance to show its goodness. May we re-discover the power of words. May we bloom with grace, pure grace. Let’s marvel at life itself and finally may we search and revive our best sides because in the very end, we need to be intentional in all we do.


Kianda Joyce
Kianda Joyce
wondering wandering artist with a mind floating in a sea of creativity

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