Man and Another


take a moment.. think.. Isn’t this the very basis of life, the baseline where the wavelines finally recede when it’s no more, when the shutters are pulled close?

Slow down almost to a halt, take a look around you.. What do you see? Do you see your ballooning paycheck?

Is it your new ride? Is it that project you so hard worked for, only to outlive it’s successes and want more? Is it lines of code? Is it lanes of train tracks, stretches of newly laid tarmac?….

Is that it?…. tell me friend, don’t you see something much greater, much more beautiful, much alive,much more mysterious, just to your liking?….

People ,we are as much successful as the impressions we leave on people, empires are built on people and crush on people, strong as the stilts that hold them up.. People…

Pillagers and looters, they ain’t much different,day ends..  they’ll be home with guess who.. all that plunder…tell me how important is this ‘people’.Legendary apple visionary Steve Jobs had it all figured out until he didn’t. His,last wishes.. People..that he should have looked into not away from these ideals.

From the sand dunes of Timbuktu,down into the iceman’s igloo, right up to the oligarch’s condor, up the Andes… It’s a quick release, quick print,quick review….. the story of man and another… The real No 1 bestseller.

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Kipyegon Sigei
Kipyegon Sigei
Passionate about inspiring people to discover the best part of them.

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