In A Generation Where Our Sexuality Is Still Being Questioned..

I am tired of seeing people misjudged, killed, abused and violently treated. Are we in an era where our great great grandparents would justify our thoughts and would make us get married to the opposite gender. I am find being silenced, I’m no longer afraid of the shame that may befall thee. Many are the hearts that seek love from the same gender and we define that.

The LGBT ?️‍? community deserves our attention and support. Let us show them it’s okay for loving and flirting with god same sex. In many African countries, teens and youths are struggling to come out and this shouldn’t be happening why all. Why are you guys not open-minded enough? Parents should help us grow and show us their support but this is not the case. If they find out their the first ones to cleave to the delusion of us being evil spirited and are full with ire. To then we become children of the devil.

If we do not speak up now who will?? Let this be a betoken of those people who are the first ones to talk.It is truly sad to see this getting out of hands. We should appreciate each and everyone as we enjoy celebrating a newlywed couple. Let is be low on rhadamanthine and our hearts will slowly start to understand what we are and what will become of us.

Lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender, What or how does this attract the community? You are so full of yourselves that you forget this community matters. This world is full of quidnunc people and I just want to rend them all. I hope my voice is enough to show fellow Africans and other countries that don’t approve this that the LGBT community matters just as much as BLACK LIVES MATTER ????.

I read this quote that said…”Y’all having sex before marriage,getting tattoos,joining sororities/frats, eating pork, eating fish, working on Sunday’s and having affairs, killing, lying and stealing and still got the nerve to try and preach about somebody being gay”….SMHHH..

I just want this to be normalized too..

P.s Lilian Ng’endo Wangari ?‍❤️‍?‍??

Lilian Leticia
Lilian Leticia
I am a rare soul because when I describe myself I forget who I am. I find beauty in everything and in all books I have read. Writing evolves around my own world. I am outspoken and I am never afraid to say what’s on my mind.

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