I am not scared of Corona Virus
For I died long ago
Just that the body refuses to accept and move on
I am not afraid of this demonic pandemic
I am scared of social distancing
I am scared of quarantine
I am scared of the reality

In this gloomy nook of isolation
Cricket chirps of the hunger virus
Empty cans watching me with pity
Just left with nothing
Embracing my forlornness tightly
Each moment sanitizing my face with tears
I rise to open my refrigerator
A knife stares at me coveting for a fresh cut

LI remember the coins in my drawer
The razor ! Craving for more bruises
Thirty shillings in my trouser’s pockets
A smile dawns on my face
Listen ! That’s not a clock ticking
Tokens giving a blackout alert
The smile withers on my face and darkness rises

I look myself in the mirror
The reality hits me like Covid-19
What can thirty shillings afford to buy?
Maybe a rope can do me fine
All I need is social distancing from me.


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