Habits that have a high rate of return

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I’m gearing up for my first week of business. (I started last week.) If you have any recommendations or advice, please send them my way.

In the meantime, I’m excited to share this with you. Here are 3 ideas from me, 2 quotes from others, and 1 question to ponder this week…



Habits that have a high rate of return in life:

– sleeping 8+ hours each day. Planning to start this soonest.
– lifting weights 3x week. Again
– going for a walk each day
– saving at least 10 percent of your income
– reading every day
– drinking more water and less of everything else
– leaving your phone in another room while you work. Won’t be the hardest decision


A good choice may go unrewarded for a long time. 

The best choices tend to provide exponential returns and a hallmark of any compounding process is that the greatest rewards are delayed. Things don’t really take off until years later. 

Keep working. Be patient.


When you say no, you are only saying no to one option.

When you say yes, you are saying no to every other option.

No is a decision.

Yes is a responsibility.

Be careful what (and who) you say yes to. It will shape your day, your career, your family, your life.



Entrepreneur and investor Sam Altman on the importance of focus: 

“Focus is a force multiplier on work. Almost everyone I’ve ever met would be well-served by spending more time thinking about what to focus on. It is much more important to work on the right thing than it is to work many hours. Most people waste most of their time on stuff that doesn’t matter. 

“Once you have figured out what to do, be unstoppable about getting your small handful of priorities accomplished quickly. I have yet to meet a slow-moving person who is very successful.”

Source: How to Be Successful


A quote from Kenyan author and communication consultant Zachary Ochieng:

“Given the high level of expertise required, there is no time for experiments.”

No one provides space for experimentation, so always give your best.

Source; Peoples Daily. 7-10-2019 Page 11 on People Speak


How can I prepare carefully, but execute quickly?

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Until next week, for 3-2-1

Kipyegon Sigei
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