Where am I?

Arsenal lost at home to Leicester City over the weekend. For a bona fide gunner like me, this week couldn’t begin any worse. Not even the fun with friends over the weekend could blur that sad fact. In my dream the previous day before the match I had dreamed that it would be 1 – 0 after the ninety in favour of my Arsenal and it was the other way round at the end of game. My dream lied to me!

The same night had me jump out of my skin and expel my sleep during into rounds of rapid and rowdy heartbeats thereafter. This is something which happens only when you get a nauseating nightmare. In my hypnopompic, I heard me asking whoever cared to listen; probably my guardian angel; “Where am I?” – I whispered in hysterically. A question asked when there is a feeling of insecurity in all aspects of life; where am I? Details about the dream we can chit-chat about them on another day. Today let’s unravel the pros and cons in ‘Where am I?

Have you been witness to someone just recovering from a blackout? Have you been kidnapped before? Have ever felt lost or gotten lost in real sense? How about a feeling that comes when you feel out of place? Have you ever been so lonesome before? Have you ever woken up abruptly from a nightmare and you have no idea where you might be? What comes first on your lips or your mind? “Where am I?

These three words are very vital to ask all the time. Not only should we speak these words when we find ourselves at the bottom of an abyss, or probably at crossroads and we don’t know which way to go, or perhaps amidst a multitude of strangers but also in everyday life situations. The question where am I can get you back on line. Ask yourself before you cheat on your woman or man. Speak these words before you get into a fight. Pronounce these words before you take that big risk. Even before you say what you feel like saying, ask yourself, “Where am I? That little question in your heart of hearts will tell you exactly what context you are in and if what you want to say is really appropriate for the context in question.

Where am I in my stage of life? Where am I in someone’s heart or thoughts? Where am I on the list of those so-called privileged? Where am I and my family? Where am I in my friends’ circles? Where am I in my journey to see a better tomorrow?

Where the hell do I think I am with my support for Arsenal?!

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