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A good friend of mine keeps on reminding me how beautiful friendships are every time we catch up and for that, I’m grateful! 365 + days have gone by without meeting some of my friends, looking back, the major reason I found to this was busy-tight – different schedules. In the present however , we try to seek being more intentional with us creating time to get together because we realized that we have to create that time or else we’ll forever get carried away with excuses.

Well, for some, we naturally drifted apart, with some, words went unsaid – while with others words were exchanged, faults were pinned onto each other, fingers were pointed. Others, we call and keep up on social media time and again, blowing each other’s TL with nothing but love and encouragement, for some, we have met on the streets of Nairobi and only managed to exchange pleasantries in haste because either we were late for classes, or late to catch a bus, or meeting up with someone etc. While with some, life got busier and more hectic that along the way, we lost touch.

Amidst all these, they’re those that live in our hearts because no matter what, we’ve had some experiences that we will always carry with us. You remember the experiences time to time, whether you are walking, or in a matatu, whether going through your memory box filled with things you have from them and a smile just creeps in – I’ll call this, the joys of satisfaction, contentment .

However, in retrospect, we should have talked about these possible eventualities and only then would we have known that it wouldn’t be sunshine all the way, that we wouldn’t take on life together as we had promised, that replacements would be found. Marcheline (Angelina Jolie’s mother) once told Jolie that dreams can simply change shape. I echo. To think about it, I feel that with dreams taking different shapes invites along other changes too, maybe new people, new mindset etc.

Howbeit, we’re a little bit older, a little bit wiser now. Learning and unlearning a lot in our lives, making ammends with our friends and with ourselves, creating more time for each other and holding onto the goodness in our friendships because there surely is! Allowing ourselves to accept what was and building more with the gained lessons in the what is. Embracing change and giving it room to prove its good bit. I, personally, being the type that loves and cares deeply- I’m taking notes and learning that people love you in the best ways they know how to and that it’s not always that it’ll be reciprocated in the same ways I show mine.

Here’s to those who have remained constants, cheers! To those who we fell out with along the way, cheers, we were once constants and the memories will forever remain close.


Kianda Joyce
Kianda Joyce
wondering wandering artist with a mind floating in a sea of creativity

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