New trailers: To Check on Quarantine

If the world weren’t on lockdown, I’d suggest you all go out to see First Cow, which just came out last weekend. It’s the latest movie from Kelly Reichardt, and despite the hilariously simple title, it’s a really great film. It can be loosely described as a heist movie about stealing milk from a cow, but it’s also about friendship, capitalism, and delicious fried oily cakes.

One of the really neat things the movie does is spoil the ending right at the start of the film. (I won’t spoil what that ending is here, even though it’s technically not a spoiler since it happens five minutes in.) I can’t remember seeing another movie do anything exactly like this. TV shows, like Breaking Bad, have often teased out climatic moments (which I never liked), but First Cow telegraphs where it’s going in a way that actually amplifies the tension. You know a certain event is coming. The questions are when and how it’s going to happen.

Since you probably aren’t going to the theaters anytime soon, I’ll just point out that some other excellent films from Reichardt are available on popular streaming platforms. Night Moves, a thriller about eco-terrorism, is on Amazon, and Meek’s Cutoff, which is about a band of settlers lost in the desert, is on Amazon and Hulu.

Check out nine trailers from this week below.


Pixar’s next film looks like it could be one of the studio’s best in a while. The movie has Jamie Foxx voicing a jazz player who suddenly dies and whose soul then attempts to make its way back to Earth to keep on living. It comes out on June 19th.


Somehow, Spike Jonze hasn’t made a feature since Her, but he’s finally back with this Beastie Boys documentary, which is heading to Apple TV Plus. Jonze is a longtime collaborator of the band’s, and this documentary seems like a fittingly sweet look at the trio’s rise and friendship. It comes to some theaters on April 2nd before hitting Apple TV Plus on April 24th.


I’m pretty sure at one point in this trailer, The Rock charges at and tackles an attacking leopard. It’s ridiculous, but that’s the point — Jungle Cruise looks like a plenty fun Disney adventure film with big characters, big settings, and big stakes. It comes out on July 24th.


Here’s the final trailer for Marvel’s long-awaited Black Widow solo movie. This final trailer puts more of a spotlight on Florence Pugh’s character, and it, of course, includes plenty of action. The movie comes out on May 1st.


Apple TV Plus has a new animated comedy coming up from the creator of Bob’s Burgers. Putting a twist on this one: it’s also filled with musical numbers. It premieres on May 29th.


Eric Andre teamed up with one of the creators of Jackass for this mashup between a road-trip comedy and a ridiculous prank show. Who knows how well the pairing will work, but stitching the pranks together with a loose narrative seems like an interesting idea. It comes out on April 17th.


It’s hard for a show about a kid journalist not to look a little cheesy, but Home Before Dark is inspired by the actual exploits of Hilde Lysiak who became famous for breaking news of a murder when she was nine years old. It comes to Apple TV Plus on April 3rd.


HBO has a mysterious new miniseries coming up that tells two separate stories about outsiders coming to an island that, it turns out, they’re unable to escape from. Jude Law and Naomie Harris star. It debuts on May 11th.


All I have to say is, in a recent CNN article on the subject of this documentary, his attempted hiring of a hitman to kill a rival is not even the first thing that gets mentioned.

You can get all this movies on telegram for free at Movie Walkers.

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