I love you: Do You know Why?

Hey! It’s been a while. The world is too busy right now, everyone is chasing paper no one ones to die a pauper. And that’s really understandable, may God bless your hustle sis/bro.

Now, how about we take some breather to talk about some motivation. Take a stop over here to read some inspiration. In the stepple chase after the inflated shilling like it is now, we need to keep a sane mind, yeah? We can only do that with a company. A company of loving friends or family. Do you have one? Do you have someone you love? Does someone out there love you? And oh, did someone out there hurt you? You prolly gave them your love and they did not return. Did that ever happen to you? I know it hurts really bad. I am writing this because I have just recovered from a very bad emotional breakdown. That fateful evening she told me, “Linus, let’s end this.” My legs got dizzy, my eyes got hazy and my whole ran into a frenzy! I thought I would never love again but nah! Time heals, I am at the other end now, the end I never saw me getting to.

My friend out there, prolly nursing a heartbreak, you’re not alone. Don’t tire, don’t give up on love. Allow yourself to heal. Talk to a friend or two. I am sure all of us have a friend only that we avoid letting them know about woes. What are friends for? Kindly talk to a friend. Give yourself some time to heal and mist importantly, don’t give up on love. Give it out and I promise one day, it will return to you.

You feel worthless today? No you’re not, you’re so precious, I promise. You feel unloved today? Prolly not, because I love you ♥️.

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