I Celebrate the Girl Child

Everything in this terrestrial mundi literally revolves around the female species. Come to think of it!

Why would men strive to be better men? Why would sons of men make an effort to impress; smell nice; dress nice; make more money to provide for family; or be all round nice guys? Why? All these efforts are in one way or the other inspired by the girl child, believe that! The existence of the girl child is a sign that there is continuity of this universe for they are the mothers of the future, the channels through God blesses this terrestrial ball with new generations.

Yesterday, the 11th of October was the International Day for the girl child. They deserve all the praise. Probably, the world wouldn’t better today if not for the women, or perhaps a few innovations and creations by man here or there wouldn’t have seen the light of day if not for the girl child. We have the space ships today and human beings can travel through the planets, thanks of the handiwork of the three incredible women, Dorothy Vaughan, Katherine Johnson and Mary Jackson. This trio, even amidst the harsh treatment in their working space by virtue of their skin colour, they went ahead and got the job done. Hidden Figures; that Hollywood blockbuster was inspired by the story of these three women, you might want to watch it. Ever heard of the magnificent, Taj Mahal? The 7 wonders of the world would probably be one less if not for the girl child! The world’s tallest and most expensive building that constitutes to the Seven Wonders of the World, the famous, Taj Mahal was built by a man, a Mughal emperor Shah Janan in memory of his favourite wife. How many of us owe our success to our wives, girlfriends, our mothers, our aunties or grandmothers? How many accomplishments have we reached at in the name of the love for the women we love? How many of us work so hard every day to see the women we love happy? Truth be told, the girl child is always behind everything either directly or indirectly.

Although the girl child is a pivot of business in the world we live in, her plight in this harsh world continues to grow bolder and wider. The child continues to live in flight over body. A whooping number of violence against women reported annually is alarming. The escalating number of forced marriages especially in our mother Africa is saddening. We take their tenderness for granted, misinterpret their care for weakness, and betray their trust. This is absurd. Fellow men, the girl child needs to be taken care of not mistreated. They remember everything we do for them as repay it with tenderness and more love. The reserve is true if what we do is anything short.

Today and this week at large, I celebrate the girl child.

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