Happy happy new month loves!

You have made it to the second last month of the year, a blessing indeed. Super proud of you.

What are (is) your wish (-es) this new month? Mine is to THRIVE!

To thrive in my spaces, to thrive in places I’m wanted. The goal is to thrive unapologetically.

Exactly 60 days to new year’s. A chance to halt, introspect and give thanks. Ample time to get into a routine, to fulfill your 2020 resolutions that you haven’t yet met,an opportunity to form a habit – to start or pick up from where you left.

May this month be full of breakthroughs, confidence, peace, gratitude, academic excellence – excellence in all life’s aspects. Put your best foot forward!

Happy November – rest your soul beloved, that which is for you shall never pass you. ❤️


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