Who Could Tell

Who could tell!
She was just nine,
Abused,betrayed and sexually harassed,
But did she have a choice,
Not even one,you could never tell.

She laughed,played like other kids,
You know it’s normal for kids to be grumpy,
But deep down she had what was different from others.
Nobody would love her ,accept her nor believe her.
She truly loved her daddy,how could he do that to her?.

Her skirts are now long, full of shame within.
Will she ever find comfort for being her?
“Daddy how could you?”

Nobody could tell because she kept it a secret, 
All she had was her mom,
The treats to hurt,
And to take away all she had!
Will anyone mind to listen to her unforgiving heart now?
Someone who will listen to her dying voice,
A voice killed by violence?
All this would be forgotten right?
But she is just a kid who is nine,who could tell ?
Just holding her weapon ready to fight this cruel world.

©️Lilian Ng’endo 2020

About the author


I am a rare soul because when I describe myself I forget who I am. I find beauty in everything and in all books I have read. Writing evolves around my own world.
I am outspoken and I am never afraid to say what’s on my mind.