Tips to a child’s brighter and unplanned future.

The earlier the better!

I was having a conversation with my friend Kim and in a field nearby were a bunch of kids playing . I looked at some middle-age group of girls and thought of how deep they must be into the games. How much fun they must be having! Nothing seemed to be a bother, maybe not at the time.

No school stuff, stressing about homework not their next meal, not the next door friend who was a nuisance and headache; whenever they came out to play. Not even where their future for that matter.  I pointed at one of the girls and turned to Kim.  “How old do you think she is?  “I don’t know, maybe 10 or something…” Kim said.  “Probably class 7 or 8,” because kids nowadays grow so damn fast and since they begin school at an early age they tend to finish before they are 18. Now my supposed example will be out of high school in the next 5 or 4 years. Fortunate enough to join campus, that’d be another 4 years and since in our country at least most people never go for masters and stuff till they get some well paying job to help them pay for their higher education, we focus first on the former. The kids realizes that he or she is not in the school they wanted doing what was once their dream and where their interest lied. Life happened so fast they couldn’t catch it.  They will feel disappointed in themselves and in most cases begin to point fingers. Their parents for not taking them to this or that school, for not buying this or that which they think they needed to do better. They even start giving out reasons for their failure. As Napoleon Hill quotes in his book ‘THINK AND GROW RICH’ the 57 alibis for lack of success, It’s best and more advisable to begin nurturing our children and youth’s talent and love for whatever interest they show. Where their passion seems more likely to thrive, is the path to take. Its more advisable to know our kids and study them as they grow up more closely to know what they love. What makes them happy and help them develop in that particular field. With this it’s less likely to have feelings of regrets even upon failure, and the passion will set them to go back in and try again, and the chances of failure itself if minimal for it’s hard to fail at something when you put in a lot of work. It is always through large volumes of work that gaps are closed.  Therefore, what might seem too early to plan, might as well be the best timing as far as the future is concerned. Never forget ‘it’s the early bird that catches the worm!’ No matter how old and common it is.

Mental health

  As worse as it can always seem, most people have children without having a clear vision of what world the child is coming into, or almost no plan on how to better it. It’s a modern world, and the internet is a bad thing if not the worse that could happen to your child if not properly monitored. It breeds a narcissistic group of young boys and girls, deeply seeking attention and killing themselves with peer pressure or even lead them to the land of depression where most never come back from-talk about absent parents who never checks up on a child’s wellbeing. They come back home from an exhausting day at work and their only interaction they have with their children is the everyday one line question over the dinner table.

   “How was your day?” 

  “It was fine.” The seemingly fine child would answer. ”You don’t even care enough to be around,” he says to himself. The busy parent doesn’t notice the once cheerful child has been down lately and been sitting alone behind his closed room for hours, sleeping most of the time and refusing to eat. What I realized is that some behaviours people portray reflect lack of or presence of something from their childhood. For instance, the kids who deeply seeks attention might mean that at some time in their childhood, their parents never loved them enough or was absent/ less present and this later comes to affect their relationships as teenagers and adults.  Parents should understand that simply providing for the child ain’t all  the child needs from a parent. Young children needs love, attention and care in order to grow up to emotional and mentally mature adults who don’t impose their lack of love and attention in their childhood in their relationships with others-their spouses and children later on in life.


“The best way to corrupt a youth is to instruct him to hold of high esteem those who think alike than those who think different” A German philosopher teaches. The new born members of our family up to even their teenage years pick up behaviours and beliefs from its parents and their home. They look at their fathers and mothers with a very keen eye and despite the dozens and dozens of teachings, the don’t care what we say. What we do speaks louder than our words. And whenever they have to care about them, they’ll take it everywhere with them. They’ll hold on to it-right or wrong.
They appear as blank slates and its parent’s very duty to write and mold them with the right mindset and care.   They tend to see the world from your eyes and how this turn out can be inherently bad or inherently good. We have proved unfit to mold our own lives and future, how do we expect to tell them how to do theirs? Without going back and to examine our life and learn about what caused about our falling and don’t impose them on our children.   I believe it actually makes more sense that a child should be prepared for the road not the road for the child. Technology is cool, but even for an adult it can be a destroying element if unmonitored. Parent can all be happy how fast their kid is learning new words and grow faster but I think they should be more cautious to what the kids are opening out to rather than how fast. It does no good to develop speed but shooting towards the wrong direction. Monitored screen time, watching out to what they are exposing themselves to. The small things done as a kid comes to affect him in one way or another later on life. Its easier and better to build strong children than to repair broken men, and more often its always too late. Train them to develop eyes to see the light. To be indifferent to what makes no difference. This can only be achieved if we ourselves, as young men and women can be able to look at the bright side, the real side of life. Acknowledge our mistakes and set to work to change and make our lives better; as men and as parents and be able properly love our  children and people around us.

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