Do Not Give Up on Love

Do not give up on loving because someone hurt you, there are people out there who still care! Two weeks ago, I celebrated my birthday, I am a big boy now. My birthday celebrations for this year were like no other. The celebrations started at midnight promptly. It’s the norm here that birthday boys and […]

A Love Letter Story. 20th October 1952

You can rip it off once your done reading. Probably this is the last time your gonna hear me write. I’m afraid I might see your pain through my eyes. Escaping dreams of yesterday, faster, faster there I go. How many times can a heart crack before it shatters? or does it even matter? Of […]

You Are Not Falling Behind

Even if your plans have changed, even if your timeline is different. Even if this year has not unfolded the way you thought it would — you are not falling behind. The course of our lives is not contingent upon things happening precisely as we think they should. In fact, it’s often the unexpected that […]

Take it Easy

Laze around a few times,for life is not a race but a wonder to relish,which needs attention witha relaxed carefree mind. Life is no breeze,But you can live it with ease,The keys are with you,You just need to unfreeze these.It is time to take it easy,And you would evade the frenzy. If anyone is calling you dumb, ugly or unwise,Take […]

The Art Of Doing Nothing In A World That’s Always ‘Busy’

Sometimes doing nothing is necessary. Clearing your schedule for the day. Sitting by the window and listening to the birds singing. Looking up at the stars. Going on a walk alone, without your phone. Meditation. Yoga. Sitting in silence in your bedroom. Breathing. Listening. Absorbing. When was the last time you did nothing? Nothing, in the […]