The hero

No one’s special. But one can be favoured. And sometimes favour doesn’t mean a facile and unchallenged smooth life but rather to be put in the arena. So as you may err and come out short again and again. To experience the loneliness in the field despite the hundreds of people watching as you go […]

The Advice Epidemic

The urge to convince others is overwhelming.On the surface, it appears virtuous to help,to instruct, to coach, to guide, to motivate. Giving advice gives the impression of nobility,as if we have a obligation to ameliorate the plight of the world,to assist people headed the “wrong” way,to point people in the “right” direction. We are all […]


Just fold it small,it shouldn’t be so much, you’ll be surprising them,it can’t be too little, it’ll kill them,let it be clear,you don’t want to hear sirens seconds later. Masks are up,a metre apart each,belts to our seat,so I turn aback”why do you still give them?”if you’re license is expired,it wasn’t checked,he just smiled, This […]