In a lighthouse on the sandy shoals near the raging sea,Comes a boy every morning,The strong winds blow and the sea waves rise so high.Each day he sits to watch, believing that by raising his hand,The sea waters rise to the thoughts in his mind.“Dad look, “I can raise and calm a sea storm…”And out […]

The big show

Solitude.Man’s worst enemy and yet my best friend.I retreat to it as often,Diving into my own thoughts as deeper,Inside my dark room with a note on the door, ‘do not open,’And whenever somebody new came and asked.“How do you even see in here? its darker”“Just grab me another beer,” I’d say,“The big show is inside […]


We are all refugees from our childhoods. And so we turn, among other things, to stories. To write a story, to read a story, is to be a refugee from the state of refugees.Writers and readers seek a solution to the problem that time passes, -that those who have gone are gone and those who […]

Dear Wordy Writers. Like Me

It’s not because I’m pretentious, but because, like a Jackson Pollack painting, I love to just splatter the words in my mind onto the page and I struggle to kill the words that were once meaningful to me, that I once thought.

A Happy Day

Happy Saturday!  If you’d like some additional reading material this week, I suggest this article I wrote about the concept of inversion: Link on each subscribers email…. It’s a powerful concept. I hope you find it useful. Now, here are 3 ideas, 2 quotes, and 1 question for the week… 3 IDEAS FROM ME I.  […]

Classic Pacesetters: How Minimalist Book Covers Sold the Masses on Kenyan Market

The first novel I read in the Pacesetters series was Mark of The Cobra by Valentine Ally. It featured a young Nigerian secret service agent. Set obviously against a western template but with African characters in an African locale, it just blew my mind. It was a welcome change from reading about Nick Carter and […]